Introducing the New Holland Tractor T4.F100

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If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s patience. And we’ve had to use it is spades waiting for this New Holland tractor! Presenting the new T4.110F vineyard tractor – with everything you’d expect from the most recent to market and more, this little ripper goes above and beyond. 

In 2018, rigorous testing and an extensive pilot program with E&J Gallo Winery (the largest family-owned winery in the world) saw New Holland trial its NHDrive autonomous technology to its T4.110F vineyard tractors. This collaborative pilot program focused on gathering agronomic and operator feedback on the use of this technology in everyday vineyard activities, with the ultimate objective of delivering autonomous solutions that are driven by the real-world requirements of winegrowers.

The data generated during this pilot enriched New Holland’s Autonomous Vehicle Program, by providing real-world detail on the full range of possible automated and autonomous applications. These included Operator Assisted Autonomy, where the NHDrive supports the operator in the cab, Supervised Autonomy, where the operator is in the field and supervises unmanned vehicles, and ultimately Full Autonomy, with no local supervision.

This innovative technology has a key role to play in enhancing the business and environmental sustainability of farming operations. It results in a more efficient use of resources through the increased accuracy and repeatability of activities, as well as uniform productivity throughout the working day. It helps increase the operators’ efficiency through assisted operation: rendering some of the base operations autonomous, enabling them to concentrate on key tasks that require greater skills. 

As a result of this testing and technology, the T4 series New Holland tractor offers:

  • More power and performance
  • The series is cleaner, quieter, and more efficient 
  • Advanced cab filtration
  • Hydraulics are more powerful
  • New front linkage and PTO package
  • More compact and economical
  • Specialist versatility – purpose built for safe operation in difficult terrain
  • Added style – engine hood features new lights and larger vents to improve cooling
  • Added comfort – designed around the operator, small in size but big in comfort
  • Guaranteed operator safety
  • Ergonomic features for ease and comfort
  • New and improved instrument display

Not that the T4.110F New Holland tractor is in need of anything else to seal the deal…don’t forget that the ‘Instant Asset Write-Off Scheme’ was increased earlier this year (at the beginning of the pandemic) from $30,000 to $150,000 and finishes up at THE END OF 2021 so take advantage of these great offers.

This extension combined with the quality equipment on offer at Leda means that there has never been a better time to update your machinery, especially with something as impressive as the T4.110F!

Our team are ready and well equipped to get you in the driver’s seat of that New Holland tractor – but you’ll have to get a move on, so contact our sales team Malcolm Blagus 0417 577 270 or Kevin Masterson 0428502314 for a demonstration today! We are offering 0% interest rate on finance, maintenance, and service packages.

We look forward to being of assistance to you soon!