H-Series P16 Harvester

H-Series P16 Harvester

By combining years of experience and Australian ingenuity, LHGD have produced Australia’s only locally built Self Propelled Grape Harvester.

LHGD actively seeks out Australian made parts for their machinery meaning you get high quality parts and help the country at the same time.
Being locally owned and operated, Leda are able to provide a one-on-one partnership with the customer.


By utiliVing knowledge of systems that work well on the current machines, and by using the latest technologies LHGD have developed a self propelled harvester that is intuitive to use and picks quickly, efficiently and cleanly.

The P16 incorporates the latest in CANbus technologies allowing greater flexibility for custom programming.

Having full in-house programming, nothing is too hard.

With a 6.5” full colour TFT screen shows everything that the harvester is doing at a glance, the screen also allows full control over the harvester from the cabin. The joystick is field proven and has super high reliability allowing comfortable and complete control of the machine.

During design all facets of usage and maintenance were taken into account, as a result the LHGD P16 is super reliable, easy to operate and super easy to maintain. Mechanically, electrically and hydraulically this machine is designed around the operators convenience.

With full perimeter handrails and easy access ladders, the LHGD H-Series P16 is both extremely safe and very comfortable to access the top deck for wash down and maintenance.
Picking is a dream with the Next Generation Mk IV picking head. With simple adjustments, the head can be adjusted to suit almost any trellis. The head is amazingly quiet and smooth, with almost no vibrations felt in the machine.

Quality products are of the highest priority at LHGD. Quality Assurance checks are performed at every stage of production, on every section of the harvester. From the fabrication to the assembly, and electrical to hydraulics, everything is checked. Once complete, every P16 undergoes thorough operation testing and adjustment. LHGD takes pride in providing to the customer a quality guaranteed product.

Each harvester is designed and built to customer’s requirements or requests. With an in-house 3D drafting department, they can demonstrate the custom design before it is manufactured.

During harvest, Leda has a 24-hour backup service on all makes of grape harvester, to keep your machine running when you need it most!