HARDI Zaturn 2000 Air Blast Mistblowers

HARDI Zaturn 2000 Air Blast Mistblowers

Cost-effective volume
ZATURN mistblowers have been designed to provide capacity and power for growers who don’t need the flexible options and sophistication of the Mercury range.
Available with tank capacities from 1,000 to 3,000 litres, ZATURN can be configured with a range of air kits and spray systems to suit most crops and conditions.
The entire system is designed around a robust HARDI diaphragm pump that is specially designed for agrichemical application. Grease lubricated, the pump is simple to maintain and can be run dry without damage.

Tank Capacity
1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000 l.

Streamlined design
The ZATURN design is slim and streamlined, making it ideal for passing between closely spaced rows without catching or damaging valuable plants. The tank and chassis provide the lowest possible centre of gravity to ensure stability on sloping ground and when turning in headlands.
The ZATURN 1500, for example, is perfect on small and steep properties. It offers excellent stability and is just 1350mm wide.
The tough steel chassis is protected against weather and chemical corrosion, while the UV-stable polyethylene tanks are smooth, seamless and long-lasting.
All models have a 15 litre Hand Wash Tank for operator hygiene, and an optional 70 litre Rinse Tank for in-field cleaning.

Air and fluid options
ZATURN offers a wide choice of air and spray options that makes the family suitable for spraying any orchard or vineyard crop.
The sprayer can be fitted with a 750mm or 850mm axial fan featuring the latest synthetic fan blades for performance and safety. Engineered to maximise airflow, the axial air systems work with stainless steel deflectors to direct spray into trees.
A range of hydro-pneumatic nozzle systems can also be fitted, using a turbine fan that produces high speed, high pressure air for atomizer spout and nozzle systems that ensure superior penetration even in fully developed canopies.

The ZATURN chassis is fabricated from special UPN steel profiles for both durability and vibration resistance. The design also prevents dirt accumulation which helps reduce corrosion.
The steel is protected by a multi-stage powder coating process which includes:
Steel bullet grinding of all steel parts
Four-stage chemical pretreatment to remove grease and apply zinc, phosphate acids and/or nano ceramic rust protection
Drying and powder coating
Powder paint baking at 200º
In addition, HARDI mistblowers are built with DELTA TONE®-treated bolts and nuts.

ZATURN is available with a 1000, 1500, 2000, or 3000 litre tank made of high-impact polyethylene which is UV-stable and highly resistant to plant protection chemicals. Additional features of the tank include:
Low centre of gravity design, for overall stability
Main tank has an overcapacity of 5%, to make filling safer
15 litre clean water hand wash tank
Optional Rinse Tank and Tank Flush Nozzles
Tank contents indicator in the front and on the side of the tank
Top-operated drain valve
Efficient Venturi agitation
Powder mixer placed in the filling strainer
5-Year Warranty under normal working conditions.

Air kits & deflectors
HARDI Air Kits maximise air flow and distribution with reduced noise and power consumption - to power first-class chemical application.

The fan housing is made of high-impact polyethylene and incorporates a unique channel plate that makes the air production much more uniform. The fan blades are made of high strength polymer and can be adjusted to tailor their throughput.

Double non-drip nozzle holders are situated outside the airstream to minimise turbulence, while unique stainless steel deflectors help direct the airflow to suit the crop and spraying conditions.

HARDI diaphragm pumps are specifically designed for use with plant protection products. The diaphragms separate liquids from the pump bearings and crankshaft, ensuring reliable and durable operation.

HARDI diaphragm pump features:
Able to run dry without damage
Grease-lubricated crankcase
Chemical resistant diaphragms and valves
Able to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise
Easy to service without special tools

Control units
CB/2 & CB/4 control unit
The CB provides electrical remote control of all fluid system functions and is available with 2 or 4 distribution valves. The pressure regulation valve is made of stainless steel for maximum resistance to aggressive products, and the rest of the vital parts are completely sealed off from the spray liquid. The CB unit includes pressure equalization and a pressure gauge. Maximum working pressure is 20 bar.
The unit can be operated from the tractor seat via an optional HARDI CONTROLLER.
SV/2 control unit
Solenoid valves operate the SV control unit. The system has two distributors that are remotely controlled, and manual pressure regulation.
A HARDI CONTROLLER can be added as an option.

Mixing with TurboFiller
Mixing and loading chemicals into the ZATURN is made fast, safe and easy with the compact TurboFiller.
The TurboFiller uses a combination of suction and a vortex action to pre-mix and transfer undiluted liquid concentrates and granulated dry formulations simply and effectively. There is less danger of spills, and no need for buckets or stirring sticks.
The system gives both operator and environmental safety a high priority.

The COVAMAX system is a specially designed single or twin-row system for spraying vines. With the biggest fan capacity in ducted systems at the lowest relative power consumption, it provides unrivalled canopy pentration and underleaf coverage.
The adjustable converging nozzles can be aimed and opened individually, so COVAMAX can be used from cordage to full canopy - simply by opneing more nozzles as the canopy grows.
The converging configuration also provides greater control and less drift than almost any other system.

The Optimus application system is as well offered to horticulture, strawberries, salads etc.
OP35 mounted on hydraulic boom CRONOS RAIL, where side ways adjustment of the spout easily is done to set op the sprayers for the exact row distance.
CRONOS RAIL is offered from 6 m to 12 m with several configuration options.

The HARDI CANNON is ideal for any hard-to-spray crop, providing effective coverage for up to 27 metres horizontally and up to 12 metres vertically. A choice of turbines deliver 11,000 or 19,000 cubic metres for optimum air distribution and maximum volume.
CANNON spouts can be oriented from -10 degrees to 80 degrees vertical, and swing hydraulically up to 180 degrees. Combinations of up to three spouts enhance the directional control and versatility.
The CANNON air turbine features a two-speed gearbox and centrifugal clutch for smooth engagement and outstanding reliability.